Better World Books Announces 2017 Reading Challenge

MISHAWAKA, IN (Dec. 13, 2016) – Better World Books announces its second annual readingchallenge. In 2016, Better World Books challenged customers, partners, employees and readerseverywhere to join them in a reading challenge. Through this challenge, Better World Books hopes to introduce new books and ideas to readers as well as encourage everyone to read more. Better World Books’ 2017 reading challenge lists 25 different categories that challenge the reading community to discover new books, rediscover old favorites and read widely.

Throughout the year Better World Books will be posting book recommendations for each challenge on their blog ( The reading challenge has no set rules, and Better World Books invites everyone to participate in a way that works best for them.  

To help readers stock up for the challenge, Better World Books is offering a special discount now through January 31, 2017. Each purchase from helps supports literacy. A portion of the profits from each book fund literacy projects around the world and a book is donated for every book purchased. Learn more about this challenge and discount on the Better World Books blog at


To learn more about Better World Books’ book donations and work for literacy, visit